Tri lučke, Slovenija


Zala and David also decided for our wedding makeup. There is always a better atmosphere at preparations, if the makeup artist and photographer know each other or it they are co-workers or even friends 🙂


The wedding took place at the Tri lučke (Three lights) in Sremič above Krško. The location with a beautiful view offers many other locations for taking photographs of newlyweds. The vineyard, the forest and last but not least, the infinity pool.


In any case, everything starts with preparations. Rooms and suites are perfectly designed for getting ready photos, as they allow you to control light for both the photographer and the makeup artist.


A wedding ceremony took place on a wooden platform, which is placed above the cliff and because it is in the air, it gives a kind of fairytale feeling. Zala and David escaped the storm with a their wedding ceremony and it would be a great shame if they would have to marry in the interior.


And because the sun always shines after the rain, a wedding reception with the wild rhythms and colorful lights of DJ Yoco could continue late into the night on the terrace, from where the wedding guests could jump into the swimming pool for late night swimming after the cutting of the cake 🙂