Trakošćani – Croatia


Loredana and Mirko imagined a royal wedding. The luxurious mansion of Trakošćan provides an ambience according to their criteria. To the well-preserved castle, in which there are huge museum rooms, a leads a road that runs around the hill. The facility is actually serving for the protocol purpose of the Republic of Croatia, since it hosts visiting presidents and important persons.


Across the street there is a gorgeous hotel where bride and groom were getting ready, and after the wedding ceremony, wedding reception as well. In any case, the location was not the only royal thing that day. Mirko was dressed in royal blue suit and Loredana had high, elegant hairstyle with a tiara.


She arrived at the castle with a white, 1930 old timer and shined in her handmade wedding dress, accompanied by a violin melody. After the ceremony, we took time to photograph in castle rooms, in the tower and in the time of the most beautiful light at the lake that lies below the castle.


Slow food dinner was served in white gloves and passionate tango of Mirko and Loredana opened the dance floor, which DJ Matthew Z took care of. Cocktails were mixed on the terrace, and the wine was custom labeled: Queen’s wine – malvasija and King’s wine – refošk. Before we left the royal celebration we printed wedding thank you cards, which we took with every wedding guest and newlyweds in a photo booth.


Next time Mirko’s best man is marrying and we can not wait to see how he will colour his wedding 🙂